Connected Data

The connected data concept is a recognition that the historical division of data between business functions – such as sales, service, marketing, and operations – no longer provide benefit to the organization at large. This wasn’t always the case: businesses for centuries had found it easier to divide their activities among specialists, allowing salespeople to sell and crafters to craft and keep any resulting data separate.

It is widely recognized today that connected data carries more value. But with the sheer scale of data created across the enterprise, right now most of it stays locked down tight in functional silos … inaccessible to everyone who doesn’t work in that particular silo. Initiatives to create and leverage connected data solutions continue to fail. The direct cost of such failed projects can run into millions of dollars for an enterprise. The indirect cost and consequences are an unmeasurable  loss of competitivity. 

At kJube we have a longstandig tradition of conceptualizing and designing cost efficient connected data solutions, leveraging proven, open technology stacks. We can help define your program/project, bring together the team of IT and business specialists to deliver, and lead your project from inception to realization of the ROI.

Connecting data remains a huge challenge for businesses around the globe. The brands that recognize and solve the connected data problem will be the ones who remain competitive. If you want to leverage the power of connected data, talk to us.